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Biografía: My name is Jimena, I'm 27 years old from Buenos Aires Argentina. I love to cook but the truth is that I never believe in me to do that. I made awesome cakes, pop cakes, cupcakes, etc for my cousins birthdays but they never bother to say thank you. So that's why I made this blog, so I can share my cooking with you and perhaps someone will add something to the recipe and we will improve it 🙂 In the past I have studied to become a veterinary but it didn't work, no matter how much I love animals. But did meet a lot of amazing people, who today are my friends. One of them is living in Sydney, other one is moving in november to Europe, other died last year for kidney failure, and the rest is everywhere ... I think it's time we all start doing things we love. I still miss my friend a lot but since I named my new adopted cat after her, everytime I'm cooking she is dancing next to me. That's one of the reason why I'm doing this. It's time to do what I like. I'm not a chef, thou I would love to become one. I'm just a normal person cooking in her tinny kitchen with a small budget. I will do my best to bring happyness to you all and to me. If you want to contact me: You can either speak English or Spanish 🙂 Xoxo Argentinian, 27 years old, Happy soul, big animal lover, in love of Patagonia, a strong beliver in solidarity... much more to come

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