Lately I’ve been having this cravings for homemade fresh pizza!!! And I’m not even pregnant so my future doesn’t look good. Because if i’m food crazy without having a human being inside I can’t even imagine what it would be when I do have it. (Whale all the way)

So, today I made pizza! Not only one but a few. Almost 10. And then put them into the fridge, so every time I’m craving for it I just go to the kitchen and Voila!!! Must said that I make tons os tomatoe italian sauce and also put it into the fridge… so when I want to eat some quick fast yummy pizza I have all the ingredients there. REMEMBER: You must DO your own fresh tomatoe sauce and not BUY one, because although it’s yummy the not fresh one has lots of chemicals. So since our bodies are our temples or like I said, our SHIP in this trip. Let’s take care of it.

First of all I will write down my grandma recipe for PIZZA: It’s very simple and it’s always good to knead.

You will need:

-500 cc or ml of warm water. (REMEMBER: When we said warm it’s a little bit of warm. NOT BOILED water or very hot either. We just want to be a little bit or warm, it’s like putting a finger and it’s normal temperature. Otherwise it won’t work!)

-Olive oil – You can use the quantity you want. (Beware! If you don’t like the taste of olive oil you can change it to a more neutral one)

-35 oz or 1 KG or white Flour

-4 grs or 0,15 oz of fresh Yeast

-1 oz of salt

Now…. hands on deck people…. let’s start making this happen:

1)First of ALL: In a bowl we mix the flour with the salt. REMEMBER THIS: YEAST AND SALT are enemies. So if you mix it together, ARMAGEDON WILL HAPPEN, because your dough will not rise AT ALL. So, we mix the flour and salt and let them be friends.

2)In another small bowl we have to put the yeast with a little bit of olive oil and mix it with a fork. (Why? So the yeast starts to break and disolve. We left it there for about 10 minutes. After that time the yeast will start to grow so we can now use it)

3)In the first bowl, where flour and salt are resting, we make a hole in the middle with our hands and put the yeast with olive oil. Then slowly add the water and start to mix it. We can do it with our hands or if you have a favorite spoon or kitchen tool you can use it too. Remember the WORLD IS YOURS.

4)After we mixed it very very WELL and all the ingredients are together we will have the result: which is: DOUGH. (If the dough needs a little bit more of flour you can add it, BUT DO NOT add too much otherwise it will kill it)

5)The hard part? After that, we have to let it rise for AT LEAST 6 hours in a warm place. Try to put the bowl over a tray over the oven or near a heater. Of course you have to cover it with a kitchen towel so you can “catch” the heat inside of it.

6) After that time we have to do the tinny rolls or balls of dough. And put it over a tray and let them rise again for about 2 – 3 hours. (I know this sounds so boring, but the secret of a great pizza or bread, it’s the rise process)

7)Finally, we take one roll and stretch it over the tray we will use. Then we put some tomatoe sauce in it, doind little circles in the pizza, so every inch of it is full of sauce. After that we add the cheese and …………… into the oven for about 15 minutes (this depends of your oven so … be careful)

Hope to enjoy it, 🙂





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