Like I promise … COCONUT MILK




Like I promise in my first post (coconut cookies)


Here is the lady of the night: COCONUT MILK.


I must said that I’m not a big fan of coconut but I don’t know why I’m loving this milk. It’s so fresh that  you can almost feel the caribbean weather and the fresh coconuts.

So… How to do it?? Pretty easyyyyyyy 

1 or 2 cups of dry coconut, whatever you like.

3 cups of boiling water

2 cups of cold water


That’s it!!! See? Easy!

 We just put the dry coconut into the blender, add 1 cup of boiling water and we mix it for a few minutes. Then add the second cup of boiling water and mix it again, then the third and final cup. Make sure you mix it well. After that you will add the 2 cups or glasses of cold water and what? Yes, mix it again!!!!.. This is… full power! A few minutes… and Voilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You have your homemade coconut milk!!!!!

You have to strain it of course with a CLEAN kitchen towel or a special bag you have. I used a linen fabric I bought downtown, white color. BE CAREFUL! Since the milk is HOT you will burn a little bit your hands while you strain it, but it’s nothing painfull. So there we have it: Fresh Veggie Milk on one side and on the other side we have the dry coconut which can be used to make cookies or transform into coconut flour.

Ps: I have read several blogs that said coconut cream or butter or oil or milk is great for the hair too. Never tried it yet thou. If anyone who read this have tried it please comment 🙂 Thank you


I hope you enjoy it, I really do. I make my green juices with it and they taste amazing!!!



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